Why How What


  Why ?

There are people with good ideas
There are people with valuable experience
They need each other
They need space to work together


  How ?

We hope that the start-up is easy and exciting.
Sharing enterprise management know-how with initial investment, sharing office, sharing expertise / insight, donating talent, education, mentoring, global advancement, etc.
Supports each start-up method


  What ?

The marathon is spiritual and endurance. That's also the start-up.
We will make a startup as Parkrun, which runs in the park rather than as a marathon. If you join with pacemakers who can rely on strength, start-up is not a hard marathon
It becomes the Parkrun to be able to enjoy.
Water, light, and manure (investment management support) to grow business ideas seeds from good soil (target market) to wood 
It is the dream of the Parkrun to make a park which is well prepared and full of trees.